Reflection: Checks for Understanding Points of Informational Text-Main Idea and Details - Section 5: Apply What You Know


I wanted the students to explain their timeline so I could see how much they understood about main idea and supporting details. Although some students understood the idea, this student still was struggling. She needs more instruction and practice.

This formative assessment - asking students to explain their work verbally - gives me great insight into their thinking. Its always good to assess in multiple ways, such as writing, verbal explaining, artwork, etc so you can see how students know what they know and the level of their comprehension.

  Checks for Understanding: More instruction and practice needed
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Points of Informational Text-Main Idea and Details

Unit 5: Summarizing: Use Main Idea and Supporting Details
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify the main topic of a multi-paragraph text and specific paragraphs within the text.

Big Idea: What’s the main point of the text and how do other parts of text ‘point’ to it?

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English / Language Arts, Reading, main idea, Special Education, Social Studies, Nonfiction (Reading), 2nd Grade, supporting details, informational text, text features, history, summarizing, key details
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