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Throughout their educational experiences the students have been taught how to analyze simple similes and metaphors.  They were able to identify and explain simple similes and metaphors with ease.  Using the song lyrics to assist the students in analyzing similes and metaphors that are more complex worked out very well.  I was able to model for the students first I how identified the simile or metaphor, but then how I was able to use the song lyrics to help me analyze the example.  This demonstrated to the students how we will need to use context clues to help us determine the meaning of the figurative language used.  I discovered that some students struggle with analyzing figurative language because of their background knowledge or life experiences.  If they are not familiar with the object something is being compared to, understanding the simile or metaphor is going to be difficult.  I try to teach the students to use as much as the text as possible to analyze the language used. 

The students did very well with this activity and were actually able to provide their own examples of similes and metaphors used in songs.  In the future, I think I would provide more examples for them to practice with before moving on to text.  I think they enjoyed this activity and could have benefited by working on a few more examples. 

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Go Figure!

Unit 3: Unit 2: Part I- Elements of Fiction
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate and understanding of similes and metaphors

Big Idea: Taylor swift knows similes? Students will be using songs to demonstrate understanding of similes and metaphors

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