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83% of my students scored a B or better on the Adding Integers Test, so I feel good about their progress so far.  Though they were only being tested on one aspect of the material within the unit, I think it is good to start small and work your way up - kids feel successful, which makes for a better atmosphere overall. 

The main error that I saw kids make was actually the third problem on the test - they subtracted the two numbers instead of added them.  I was actually surprised that that was the most missed question - but it was.  Additionally, on the tests with the lowest scores - kids seemed to do well on the word problems, but not as well at just the skill problem.  Perhaps being able to draw a picture and make sense of the numbers in context was helpful for some students.

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Adding Integers Test

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 7 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to solve real world and mathematical problems involving addition of integers.

Big Idea: Test time! They can do it in class, but can they do it on their own?

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