Reflection: Students with Disabilities Let's Map Out A Plan by Locating Facts In Informational Text! - Section 4: Students Take A Turn


My students with speech and learning challenges had some difficulty with this lesson. There was SO much vocabulary about the explorers and we had only previously looked at a few of the men.  I had planned to let students choose their own explorers and use the website themselves, but I changed my mind when they began to struggle with some of the reading.

I pulled the students back to a group setting and we started the worksheet as a group. It was much easier for me to model the target vocabulary and control the amount of information that was shared. The kids with and without learning challenges were able to read along with me (on the overhead) and fully understand the text. I let them finish the worksheet in small groups, but I carefully crafted groups to be of mixed ability and kept a strong 'pulse' on completion, prompting as needed.

Here's a video of one of my students with learning challenges struggling with the more difficult vocabulary. Although he can't pronounce all of the words, he learned some great new information from the text.

  Students with Disabilities: Lots of new vocabulary-change up the lesson plan
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Let's Map Out A Plan by Locating Facts In Informational Text!

Unit 12: Informational Text - Use Story Elements To Help Us Comprehend
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use text features, including maps and captions, to locate facts in a digital text.

Big Idea: Compare the routes of American explorers by reading and looking at maps online!

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, Exploration / Colonization / Settlement to 1700, biography (Nonfiction Lit), informational text, 2nd Grade, Geography, ipad, history of US, computer, American explorers, text features, maps, informational text features
  55 minutes
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