Reflection: Checks for Understanding Measure It To Add It! - Section 2: Let's Practice


Because students have different needs, I drew shapes for some students to measure.  As I reviewed Student SampleI noticed that most of them forgot to measure the smaller sides of the given shapes.  To solve this problem I suggest to only use shapes that have equal sides. Second graders tend to not notice the smaller sides on number two, there-fore, their addition problem was incorrect.

  Checks for Understanding: Student Work Sample
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Measure It To Add It!

Unit 5: Measure This Measure That!
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students will measure the length of an object by selecting the appropriate measuring tool to add and subtraction various items of different lengths.

Big Idea: The students will be able to measure the lengths of objects in both inches to explore the inverse relationship between size and number of units. Using Addition

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