Reflection: Modeling Students Present! - Section 1: Explanation Of Audience Responsibility


It is often a challenge to sustain student interest in student presentations for any extended length of time.  For this reason, I recommend always providing a student audience with a task to perform while listening, in order to promote active listening.  

This is a practice I honed as a former film analysis teacher.  Whenever viewing a film, I provided my students with what  I called "viewing activities," graphic organizers that required them to locate specific elements to note and record while viewing a film.  In this way, I was consistent about reinforcing my philosophy that "nothing is for free" in my classroom (translation:  unattached to some demonstration of learning).

By requiring a similar process out of a student audience during student presentations, I find it conducive to developing students who are becoming productive and respectful listeners.

  Sustaining Student Interest Through Student Presentations
  Modeling: Sustaining Student Interest Through Student Presentations
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Students Present!

Unit 4: House on Mango Street Part III
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: In small groups, SWBAT present their teaching products created around four vignettes assigned from The House On Mango Street.

Big Idea: Show time: Students take the lead as teachers.

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