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Every once in awhile I want to check in on how reading is going during reading time. I usually read with my students, but today I wandered a little to see what they were reading and what their postures/body language told me about their engagement.

It is the Friday after Halloween, so it was pretty obvious that they were tired and dragging today. Even with that, though, they were reading and seemed fairly engaged in the texts they had in front of them.

A few kids were reading Othello, which is surprising to me. They don't have any homework due, so this tells me one of two things. They either want to review the text because it is difficult and they need more than one exposure to it or, and probably more likely, they don't have another book on them. I will definitely need to address this concern with them next week as we will be moving on from Othello and into a text free unit. They will have to get books in their hands soon.

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That's a Wrap: Counting Bodies and Themes in Act V of Othello

Unit 6: Literary: Thematic Analysis of Shakespeare's Othello
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend text independently and proficiently by reading and interpreting key scenes from Act V of Othello.

Big Idea: A body count...and no justice served. How will Shakespeare finish this play?

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