Reflection: Joy The Line's the Thing: Othello Act IV Line Performances - Section 2: Othello Act IV Line Performances


Today could not have gone more according to plan. The students were SO nervous about performing, but as I randomly called them up to perform, their classmates were encouraging and engaged with what they were doing. Even though there was a great deal of laughter, I had very few students play their interpretations for laughs and we had a great conversation after the performances about the tone of Act 4 and their predictions about what was going to happen next. What a fun and engaging activity!

In glancing through their written work, I am also very excited to see the critical thinking I hoped to see in their written justifications of their line choices. I think they really did a great job of evaluating the act for its essential parts and figuring out how to provide evidence for their choices. This will be a great scaffold to return to when we start writing their papers next week.

On another note, I was lucky that I had no one refuse to perform. I did have two students who were absent, but they made up their line performances at the beginning of class the next day with little to no complaint. I think that this activity provided a good balance between anxiety and confidence. The students were not presenting their own words, nor were they presenting a long passage. So, while they were having to perform something in front of their peers, it was quick. It was also a common experience, so that seems to have helped their confidence, even though they said they were nervous.

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The Line's the Thing: Othello Act IV Line Performances

Unit 6: Literary: Thematic Analysis of Shakespeare's Othello
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT show their command of spoken language by performing key passages of Othello, Act IV.

Big Idea: Presenting the 10th Grade World Studies Players!

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