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Towards the end of a unit is the time to start to introduce new concepts that will be coming up in the next unit. I love to do this Math Blast - get student thinking started. 

It is also a good time to start to take those old things out. You will be able to tell which problems they are getting bored with by how much talking goes on while working. When I launch new ideas the room goes silent. (Well, OK they might groan!)

Keep it fresh. This is also great place to teach ideas that you know will be on state tests but you don't teach it till late. I love doing this, it isn't cheating it is preparing them!

  Bring In New Stuff
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Bring In New Stuff
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Dividing by 1000s, Powers of 10s (Day 3)

Unit 4: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division, Powers of 10s
Lesson 11 of 19

Objective: Students Will Be Able To use rounding and estimation in division of 10s, 100s, and 1000s as a strategy for checking work.

Big Idea: Estimation with Division

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , division, multiplication
  85 minutes
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