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I really love this tool as I have also struggled with exit tickets. Teaching multiple classes the same thing I would end up with a stack of tickets and some days I would run out of time which then makes the ticket obsolete. With the Post It Poster it is one quick scan.

If the poster doesn't work maybe it is a spot my the door or where ever. The reason I like the Post It Poster is that is number based and students don't put their name on it. It takes the pressure off those struggling learners!

  The Power of Quick Assessments
  Checks for Understanding: The Power of Quick Assessments
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Multiplication by 2-Digit Numbers (Day 2)

Unit 4: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division, Powers of 10s
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Objective: Students Will Be Able To apply there learned knowledge and the rule of multiplying x10s, x100s, x1000s to the standard algorithm of multiplying by two digits.

Big Idea: Understanding the standard algorithm of multiplication.

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