Reflection: Joy Multiplying by 1000s: The Power of 1000s (Day 3) - Section 3: See, Think, Wonder


Art and Math you ask? YES! Math is all around us. Bring what ever you're apssionate about and connect the math to it. Don't like art but you love to hike? Bring in leaves and plants and talk math. Quilts! Crafts! Cars! What ever it is make a connection to math.

My students struggled in the beginning and not they love it. I just launched a science lesson with this concept and they did a great job with it.

Try it on, don't be afraid. It is a lot of fun!

  See Think Wonder...why?
  Joy: See Think Wonder...why?
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Multiplying by 1000s: The Power of 1000s (Day 3)

Unit 4: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division, Powers of 10s
Lesson 6 of 19

Objective: Students Will Be Able To use the expanded form of multi-digit numbers to solve multiplication.

Big Idea: While some students can use the standard algorithm for multiplication a lot of students have a hard time seeing why it works. Using the expanded form of a number helps students see the work.

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