Reflection: Grappling with Complexity I Need Answers – Questioning Using informational text features - Section 3: Teacher's Turn


I really wanted the students to learn how to identify text features, write a question, and use the iPad app to highlight text features. During the lesson, I realized this was too much!  

So, I changed the lesson so that they would only type the name of the text feature instead of the whole question. Here's a video of a student typing the text feature or typing the question.  My 2nd graders are REALLY slow at typing anyway.  They enjoyed working in groups and did very well with app.  The kids take to technology much better than I do.  The only trick was making sure the orientation is correct because you can't change it within the app.

From now on, I will separate out my technology lessons from heavy instructional pieces - it just takes too much time to do a lot of writing and then have the kids create app pages.

  Grappling with Complexity: Change in plan
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I Need Answers – Questioning Using informational text features

Unit 12: Informational Text - Use Story Elements To Help Us Comprehend
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions by using text features to locate information within informational text.

Big Idea: Find answers with informational text and show them on the iPad!

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, Native American literature, 2nd Grade, biography, questioning, informational text, text features, Geography, history, ipad
  55 minutes
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