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Not all kiddos are auditory learners, I admit.  But the song is catchy, and it has honestly helped so many confused kiddos become less confused!  Now, it can take awhile, and I try not to get discouraged when some kiddos are still confusing rectangle and triangle, 6 or 8 weeks into the school year, even!

Students have individualized Learning Rings, and when they are confused about rectangles in the beginning of the year, I make sure to add a rectangle to their Learning Rings so they can get daily practice—even daily practice with the rectangle song!  Before too long, the practice pays off, and the rectangle is removed from the Learning Ring because the student knows rectangle!  It takes time, though, and practice, but most of all, determination!

  When the concept of "rectangle" is a wreck!
  Perseverance: When the concept of "rectangle" is a wreck!
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Remarkable Rectangles

Unit 4: Oh, Those Shapes!
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify, make, and create examples of rectangles.

Big Idea: Rectangle is SO MUCH like triangle! Those darned angles--they'll get beginning learners! This is a fun way to practice rectangle!

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