Reflection: Modeling Using Color and Style to Write about Family while Reading "The House on Mango Street" - Section 3: Application: Writing about Family Traits


At first I didn't have my own model for this assignment, but as I walked around the room, some students were struggling with what to write. I decided to sit down at my computer and write one while they wrote theirs. As I wrote about my family's feet, I heard a few giggles, but I also saw the light bulbs go off as some students started to write using more vivid language in their writing. I ended up sharing my example with all of my classes.

I didn't include my vignette here for two reasons 1) I don't think my husband, daughters, and mother would appreciate a discussion of their feet going public, and 2) I want you to create YOUR vignette. Writing in front of students was powerful because I could experience some of the challenges they face when trying to write with a specific purpose. Hopefully, it will be as eye-opening experience for you as it was for me.

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Using Color and Style to Write about Family while Reading "The House on Mango Street"

Unit 5: The Search for Identity: "The House on Mango Street"
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Objective: SWBAT incorporate stylistic elements into their writing (for a desired effect) and evaluate the evidence of their peers by writing and analyzing vignettes on character traits.

Big Idea: Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes: Students select a physical characteristic and write stylistically about family members.

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