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The constant reference to the text, has proven a valuable scaffold for my English learners. A student recently arrived from Mexico has made encouraging progress and I think it is in part due to his repeated interaction with expository text. The subject matter and photographs, allows him to access background knowledge and having the words in front of him, give him confidence. In the sample you can see that he is able to write simple sentences, and that he is very careful about checking his spelling. He wrote all his details in one section of the organizer, but that is easily remedied, by modeling and having him redo the next graphic organizer if he does it again. I am really excited about the potential this kid is showing!

  Safety: English learners
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That's what it's all about!

Unit 2: Reading and Writing Informational Texts
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWABT identify the main idea of an informational selection, and list three key elements.

Big Idea: When you dance the Hokey Pokey it's all about moving, but your attention is in different parts. In the same way, children focus on details, and forget what it's all about.

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