Reflection: Intervention and Extension More, Less or Equal? Comparing Numbers 0 to 5 - Section 3: Practice


During small group time today, I pulled my lowest group and taught them a new game.  It is similar to "War" but we just call it "More."  Students play this game in pairs.  They each lay down a card and the student with the card that has more on it takes both cards.  Play continues until one student has all of the cards or time is up.  If the students lay down the same number, they both lay down another number on top of it, and the winner takes all four cards.  This game is going to be taught to the class and played in partnerships during tomorrow's lesson.  I knew that the students in this group would struggle with the game, so I decided to give them extra time to learn and practice it right in front of me.  Pre-teaching a skill or concept can be very beneficial to a group of students who needs intervention.  It gives them some prior knowledge to build on when they enter the whole group lesson.  It also helps the students feel more confident participating in the whole group activities and gives them a chance to be feel successful.

  Why Pre-Teach?
  Intervention and Extension: Why Pre-Teach?
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More, Less or Equal? Comparing Numbers 0 to 5

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to compare groups and numerals of five or fewer.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students are using their new knowledge of the numbers 0 to 5 to make comparisons to determine more, less, or the same.

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