Reflection: Perseverance Author's Theme: What's the Lesson To Be Learned? - Section 3: Independent Learning


I chose perseverance as the title for this because that's exactly what it seems to take with my students to get them to realize the themes of written and visual works. It may be that books are not being read so often at home or that grandparents are not sharing so many life lessons, but it seems students are struggling more each year with understanding the underlying lessons personified in the text they read. 

To help with this I teach the initial lessons on theme early in the year, I review them consistently in my small guided reading lessons, and I add them to class discussions whenever they fit into the topics. I think students need to use them, and discuss them many times for them to be able to recognize them independently in stories. These are charts I leave up as resources all throughout the year. I add book titles to the different themes to help students relate similar topics with similar themes. I recently began sharing about the "seven deadly sins", too, after my college age children brought this home from their English Lit class and leave it up for students to practice the college vocabulary in their early years - hope they remember it 6 years from now.

  Building understanding of themes
  Perseverance: Building understanding of themes
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Author's Theme: What's the Lesson To Be Learned?

Unit 2: A Tale of the Oki Islands
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT...identify and explain the relevance of the author's message/ theme in "The Tale of Oki Islands"

Big Idea: Authors often teach lessons in their stories. Readers can connect with the characters in a story to learn lessons right along with them.

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