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As students were discussing in their pairs, I had a great moment happen.  I have a classroom set of text books that are kept in the room.  We do not use them often because they are out dated.  One pairing struggled with complex fractions.  A students ask, may I use a text book to look up the definition of a complex fraction.  I was elated! I made a big deal out of him using MP 5.  I let him know he was taking ownership over his understanding.  He felt good with all of the praise.  At first he thought what is the big deal, all I did was ask to use a text book to find the meaning of complex fraction.  I explain how he is transitioning from needing me to utilizing resources around him to find the information on his own.  What a milestone! I made a big deal thus other students will want to gain the same praise and pick up on what he had accomplished. 

  Awesome MP 5 moment!
  Joy: Awesome MP 5 moment!
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Complex Doesn't Have to be so Complex!

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write ratios as fractions 3 different ways, as a complex fraction, a unit rate, and a unit fraction.

Big Idea: Students will grapple through multi-step problem to find the amount spent on a pair of boots from Macys using the ratio of money spent to money left over in an account and write the ratio as fractions in four ways.

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