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As I planned this lesson I thought about the simplicity of gathering bundles of 10 shapes into plastic bags. I wondered if this project was too simple for second grade, but as I watched the students write the word problems, I realized that the lesson gave students such a clear visualization of how 1 bundle of 10 equals  ten of the shape they were gathering so if they added 2 bundles of ten, they would need to add not 1 + 1 but 10 + 10. I could have told them this, but watching them figure it out, especially the students who have been struggling, I felt more confident in the lesson I had planned.

Another way to do this could have been to use popsicle sticks  for bundling tens, as there is no “swap” of 10 objects for 1 - you merely put an elastic around a bundle of ten, and count it as 1 ten. Students can be assessed on their understanding if you create several bundles of ten, additional single popsicle sticks, and a cover. You show one bundle of ten, tell student it is 10, but also offer to let them count it. Then you tell them you will be asking them questions about how many. You put out some predetermined amount, say 3 10s and 6 ones. Let them look but not touch, slide under the cover asking … how many? You are watching for their strategy. Do they count ten twenty thirty...and then by ones? You do this with larger numbers. Next, after creating a number with, continue building on it to watch how they continue, doing this a few more times (always sliding under mat as you go).  

  Bundles of Ten
  Lesson Planning: Bundles of Ten
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Moving Along In Tens

Unit 5: Everything In Its Place
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify bundles of 10 that add to 100

Big Idea: Grouping by tens reinforces the understanding of place value

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