Reflection: Modeling Pick a Card- Any Card!!! (Review Activity and Summative Assessment) - Section 1: Pick a Card!! Any Card!! (Review Activity Instructions)


This was another kind of engagement activity my kids loved.  Be sure to model a round before you let the students take over.  They all wanted to be the person to fan the cards and no one wanted to be the person to answer the question!!  (Honestly, though, when I first learned this activity from Kagan, I didn't want to be the person to answer the questions either!!)  Being put on the spot isn't something that anyone likes so keeping that in mind, it is important to tell students that they may not know all the answers and that if they are wrong, it's OK.  Being wrong is the only way to learn something!!

I would especially focus on modeling Person 4's job of saying if Person 3 is correct or if coaching is needed.  We want them to be able to evaluate someone else's answer and then be able to coach them to the correct answer.

Once the students work with these cards a few times, they will know the answers with no problems which is our ultimate goal.  

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Pick a Card- Any Card!!! (Review Activity and Summative Assessment)

Unit 2: Good Reader Tricks Revealed
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Objective: SWBAT answer questions about QAR and good reader strategies and use that knowledge to successfully complete their summative assessment.

Big Idea: Being intimately familiar with good reader strategies and the concept of QAR is an effective way to build students' comprehension skills.

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