Reflection: Routines and Procedures Slinky Spelling - Section 4: Daily Differentiated Practice


My students love using the slinkies to write.  They are really using their self-monitoring skills now to decide whether or not they need the slinky (I think that is because I set that expectation from the introduction).  Also, my students are using the slinkies to push themselves to sound out longer words.  I love this activity and I will keep my kids doing this practice throughout the year!

  Routines and Procedures: After a few weeks, these are my thoughts on the super fabulous slinkies!
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Slinky Spelling

Unit 1: Language Skills Practice
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Objective: SWBAT follow a routine that will help them spell simple words phonetically while they draw on their knowledge of sound-letter relationships.

Big Idea: Make slow spelling "slink" by!

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