Reflection: Modeling QAR Cheat Sheet: Building Comprehension Through Question Analysis (Right Side) - Section 2: Right Side Activity


It is ESSENTIAL to model the coaching part of this lesson.  My students were amazing during the activity.  They LOVE Mix Pair Share, but they really didn't want to go against what the other student said.  I feel like if I'd modeled the coaching part and gave them the vocabulary to disagree with the other person, they would have gotten more out of it instead of saying, "Yep, you're right," even if they weren't.

This was my first try at having them coach each other into the right answer, so for next time, I will model the coaching part and get them excited about coaching each other before we start.  

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QAR Cheat Sheet: Building Comprehension Through Question Analysis (Right Side)

Unit 2: Good Reader Tricks Revealed
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to name, define and create questions of each QAR type.

Big Idea: Using QAR will be another tool in the toolbox to help students decide if and how they need to use the text to help them answer a question.

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