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Oval is one of those “indicator” pieces of information that provides a glimpse into a child’s early academic background.  Some kids have the concept of oval “like the back of their hand.”  They can draw ovals, describe them, find examples, and compare ovals to circles with confidence and ease.

Other kiddos declare, “Egg!” when I show an oval.  Or they say one of my favorite little “kid-ism’s” “oh-gle.”  Every year I have at least one kiddo who calls ovals “oh-gle”s.  I grin every time—it’s just so darn cute. 

“Yes, that’s an oval,” I reply, in my most enthusiastic, assuring manner.  The teacher in me hopes the kiddo catches my oVal, with the “v,” but the goofball appreciates “oh-gle.”  They’re only little once! 

And honestly, I know that within days or weeks for some of these little kiddos, they will be correctly pronouncing “oval” and mastering all kinds of previously foreign concepts.

The bottom line is, some students will begin kindergarten being less than fully prepared, and it is totally fine!  I tend to focus on the positive.  Even if a kiddo can only recognize one shape or a couple of colors, I build on what they know, staying encouraging and really watching to see that the student never perceives that he or she is “behind.”  If the focus stays positive and productive, the results will definitely be impressive!

  Ovals, Eggs, Oh-gles...
  Diverse Entry Points: Ovals, Eggs, Oh-gles...
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Oh So Cool Ovals

Unit 4: Oh, Those Shapes!
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and draw real-world examples of ovals.

Big Idea: Students will get plenty of experience with hands-on practice and an opportunity to create an example of something shaped like an oval.

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