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So calling shapes by their mathematically correct names is part of Common Core, but I actually started calling diamond shapes rhombuses way back in 2006, I think, when a professor from our local university essentially called me out in front of my kindergartners.  I really like this professor, and he has visited my class several times.  I didn’t mind that he corrected me in front of students, but it has definitely impacted my teaching!

I like to be very kid-friendly in my approach to learning, but using correct terms is so important.  It essentially goes back to high expectations for learners.  I love telling them that what we do in kindergarten is like what we WILL do in college, and reminding them that with hard work and persistence, we can ALL go to college.  It’s a very important message when working with Title I students... and really ALL students!

  Linking Kindergarten to College
  High Expectations: Linking Kindergarten to College
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Rockin Rhombuses!

Unit 4: Oh, Those Shapes!
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify, create, and draw real-world examples of rhombuses.

Big Idea: Rhombus, the mathematically correct term for "diamond" is the focus of this interactive lesson.

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