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My reasoning for the final question is to initiate their thinking of what motivated her to take the risks she did and what traits she possesses that made her able to stay determined towards her goal. I want my students to not only focus on the problems she faced and the solutions she created, but also what kept her from giving up. As we move through the unit they will, hopefully, make the connections both to the outcome and the bigger lesson in the story and also to how this applies to their own lives and choices made. In the next lesson we will come back to these ideas and evaluate why the author gave her certain character traits and what message he wants us to take away from the story. Authors messages I have found are difficult for my students to determine unless they have had some prior discussion on character traits and choices and their influence on the story events.   

  Reasoning for the final question
  Staircase of Complexity: Reasoning for the final question
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Story Structure: No Problem Too Big

Unit 2: A Tale of the Oki Islands
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT...determine a theme of the story, "The Tale of Oki Island" from text details and the characters responses to challenges

Big Idea: Reading about solutions to problems helps identify each character's motivations! There is a consequence to every decision they (and we) make.

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