Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Writing an Introduction - Section 2: Writing an Introduction: A Review of the Basics


Yes, yes I was just teaching plagiarism.  Can you hear that sigh?  It's heavy.  It's so heavy I dropped it and it left a hole in my living room. 


This is the first year that the English department has collaborated with the history department on this huge project.  We've got a lot of kinks to work out.  Flagstaff teachers don't really like being told what to teach, when to teach it, and being on the same page within a department?  That doesn't often happen.  Combining that with another department?  The last week or so has felt like three tornado are colliding to create another weather system.  Hmm...I wonder if that's why it's rainy and snowy today.  We created weather!


Both departments had assumptions from the other.  I thought that the history department would have the students cite their sources in the text.  I was wrong.  Some kids knew that they'd gotten information from a book or a website, but nothing more.  One kid thought that Google was a source.  A couple kids were using Wikipedia.  (I'm not sure I want to hear what the history department is saying about us.)  We had to take a step back from where we were going.  We were going to look at the concrete evidence in the body paragraphs to cite the sources, but since kids didn't know the names of authors or websites, that would have ended badly.  So we backed up.


We backed up all the way to introductions.  And that's where we are. Introductions.  Treading water with introductions.  And it's Halloween week.  The kid are going to be hopped up on sugar during revising week.  Oh joy. 


  But...Weren't You Just Teaching Plagiarism?
  Writing Across the Disciplines: But...Weren't You Just Teaching Plagiarism?
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Writing an Introduction

Unit 6: Argumentative Writing and Research with National History Day
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to introduce a topic clearly by writing a hook, context, and thesis statement.

Big Idea: The introduction is the commercial that sells the reader on wanting to read your essay.

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