Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Moving Along In Hundreds - Section 3: Independent Practice


I planned the closing to help students further clarify their own understanding of how 200 means 2 groups of one hundred each. However, when I looked all around at how engaged students were in forming numbers, comparing them, building numbers with block and comparing them, I felt that I could gain similar information from carefully observing how students created and compared numbers than I could from doing a new activity, especially since the students were already engaged. 

I had to let my planning go and let students continue with the hands on lesson that they were engaged in. I was seeing learning and discovery happening, so even though I had planned to have the students do a new activity, I kept my goals the same, but did change the direction of the lesson.

  Push Ahead or Let Things Go
  Adjustments to Practice: Push Ahead or Let Things Go
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Moving Along In Hundreds

Unit 5: Everything In Its Place
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize that the numbers 100,200, 300,.. represent 1,2,3 hundreds.

Big Idea: The Common Core standard is that students understand that the numbers 100, 200, etc. represent so many groups of 100.

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