Tissue Paper Count

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Students will be able to write and count numerals 1-5 in this hands-on activity.

Big Idea

Kindergartners love to count items they don't get their hands on everyday, and tissue paper is no exception!


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I read the picture book Who's Counting? by Nancy Tafuri. This book is very simple. The children enjoy the pictures and count along.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

To this point, we have been working on recognizing, writing, and counting to the numeral 5 in class. This lesson is a fun reinforcement of these skills. Children will count pieces of tissue paper to correspond with a given number. I pre-cut a large gallon Ziploc bag of tissue paper into small squares. An entire bag of tissue paper is not necessary for this lesson, but I always find uses for it throughout the year!

The assignment has the numbers 0-5 randomly placed on it. Students must write the number in the given box and glue that amount of tissue paper squares above the number. For example, where children see a 4, they will write 4 and glue on 4 pieces of tissue paper. I teach my children to put "dots" of glue, as the tissue paper can get quite messy if it is saturated in glue. For the above example, children would put 4 dots of glue and stick on 4 squares of tissue paper.

There is a numeral 0. Children only write the number for this, no tissue paper is glued down.

Here we are working on this:

Here is what a completed assignment looks like:


These will be placed on my classroom drying rack and are sent home the following day.