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Students were very slow to arrive at the goal with this Do Now, a sign to me that they need more structured review. Unfortunately, I was a bit slow on the draw today and moved them along anyway. We'll have more time to work on rough drafts on our next writing day, and I WILL be prepared this time.

Our next Do Now will feature example paragraphs, good and bad. I'll ask students to evaluate the explanation and offer suggestions for improvement for the bad examples. Will it take more time than a typical Do Now? Yes, but it will be worth the effort when students produce better explanation.

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A Personal Declaration Essay, Day Three

Unit 1: Persuasive Writing
Lesson 16 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to write a claim, evidence, and details on a topic of personal importance by completing an essay outline.

Big Idea: What's your stand? Personal persuasion.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, essay, persuasive essay, outline
  45 minutes
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