Reflection: High Expectations Writing Workshop: Parodies - Section 1: Working in Partners


I am a big fan of this assignment because of its complexity and "fun" factor.  However, I have had teachers ask me if the assignment is too hard.  While my answer is "no," I do want to recognize a few things:  1. I teach Honors English.  This doesn't mean that all of my students are great, enthusiastic writers.  However, they are pretty malleable and they have the basic skills you need to attack the assignment.  2.  I always have the students work in partners.  They can opt out of that and work alone, but they decide.  If the numbers are odd, I allow one group of three.  3. This is the culminating activity in the narrative poetry unit.  If it weren't, I wouldn't feel comfortable making it a "product" (This means a major grade. My district divides all work into process and product, with product carrying 70% of the weight in the gradebook.)

So, how could this assignment be adapted for students who might struggle with the daunting process of writing a 55-line parody?  One option would be to break the class into teams to write stanzas.  Another would be to have them pick a stanza from the beginning, middle and end and construct the parody from there.

But maybe it's worth it just to try the whole enchilada.  You might be surprised.

  Is this assignment too difficult?
  High Expectations: Is this assignment too difficult?
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Writing Workshop: Parodies

Unit 1: Narrative Poetry
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT craft parodies, in partners, with the same rhyme scheme and meter as "The Charge of the Light Brigade."

Big Idea: Writing workshop means time to craft, clarify and edit.

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