Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge The Candy Monsters - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


This is a wonderful lesson to have the students practice a variety of mathematical skills that they already are familiar with.  They get to count, organize and write numbers.  They understand that the number does not change in a set, even though the configuration does.  They are comparing numbers, using great math vocabulary.  I was amazed when I thought about how many standards are covered in this lesson.  The best part of it is, they are just having fun!

The students have so much fun with this activity, but beyond the fun, it is really a great way to do a quick check for understanding.  I look for how the students placed the ghosts on the graph; do they understand how to start next to the label?  Did the count accurately?  Were they able to compare the groups.  Simple tasks like these allow me to make a quick and easy assessment and decide if we the group or just a few students need extra assistance.

  The Candy Monsters
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Candy Monsters
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The Candy Monsters

Unit 5: Sorting, Graphing, and Patterning
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to sort objects by colors and arrange their results in a simple vertical graph.

Big Idea: Students have had some exposure to graphing. Now they will continue to develop their understanding of how to create and use graphs to gather information.

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