Reflection: Student Ownership When Student Becomes The Teacher - Section 2: Students Create The Lesson


As mentioned in my narrative, I took a chance with the way I worded the task for this assignment. Instead of typing something extensive out for my students to reference, I simply wrote the instructions on the whiteboard, and not in my most clear fashion, I might add (notice how the idea of a "poster" reads like an afterthought). Pressed for time the morning of the lesson, I left it as is, wondering which class was going to give me the most trouble with the assignment, requiring additional explanation.

To my surprise, none of them really did.  At best, a few needed clarity on just what a graphic organizer is, but I found that students were able to explain even that to each other.  I watched them easily transition from reading and discussing the vignettes to swiftly claiming supplies for their teaching products.  What I was counting on them knowing in order to be successful seems to have borne out.

When I teach this lesson again, I will likely clean up the wording of the task, even if just for my own sake, though I will probably continue with the whiteboard method of delivery, since that appeared to be convenient for my students to consult throughout the process.  I should be able to add a few more ideas to the list of possibilities as well, as I am witnessing my students create some remarkable products!

  Did They Need More Direction?
  Student Ownership: Did They Need More Direction?
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When Student Becomes The Teacher

Unit 4: House on Mango Street Part III
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: Working in small groups, SWBAT read and discuss four vignettes from The House On Mango Street, then design a product from which they will teach the relevance of the vignettes to the whole class.

Big Idea: "The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher" (Bishop T.D. Jakes)

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