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This lesson was a huge success! I am finally starting to see the students applying the skills to the text.  They were very engaged in the story and in the process of marking the text.  I noticed as I read, many students were marking the text on their own, making notes in the text about what part of plot they felt the event belonged. 

During the time the students worked to complete the plot chart, I did have to pull a small group to assist with summarizing the rising action.  These students began listing every small event the first sister in the story went through.  We discussed how all those events could be summarized and still be a part of the rising action.  I worked with these students on this part only.  They were able to complete the rest of the plot chart on their own. 

This story lends itself very well to plot development.  The conflict and climax are directly connected and the events are rolled out in a very predictable way. 

If I were to make suggestions for teachers to use in the future, I would provide the parts to the plot for the struggling students and allow them to try and figure out where they go onto the plot.  This will provide them the practice and support needed. 

I was very pleased with the success of the lesson. 

  Guided/Independent Practice Reflection
  Complex Tasks: Guided/Independent Practice Reflection
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Plot: The End

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Recipe for Fiction
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to analyze a text, written at their independent reading level, for plot.

Big Idea: Students step into the future to analyze the plot!

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