Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation What? Getting Students to "Feel" a Story - Section 1: Setting the Purpose


I chose this opener to help students gain perspective on how predictions influence how we think and how we react to situations. In this brief activity, students are prompted to make predictions about and connections to a "real life" circumstance. The activity provides an opening for a discussion about how an author controls text and illustrations and how as writers we need to think about what we want readers to feel and how we can make that happen.  

  reason for the opener
  Intrinsic Motivation: Reason for the opener
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What? Getting Students to "Feel" a Story

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
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Objective: SWBAT...students will be able to make predictions about "The Story of Ruby Bridges" using details on the front and back cover of the book

Big Idea: By creating feelings and connections with characters in a text, readers become more involved in story events

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