Reflection: Complex Tasks Juxtaposing Mainstream Lit and Native American Lit - Section 5: Small Group Work


One thing I am battling in an activity like this one is a long history of students not having the skill to deal with situations where they do not understand the material in front of them. Many respond to these situations by ignoring their confusion, writing something random on their paper, and just moving on. I had to walk students through the process of pausing, identifying the condition of misunderstanding, and finding ways of clarifying. My job today was tiring because I had to have that same conversation repeatedly. For today’s task, the solution was often to go back to the dictionary, read a few of the varied definitions, explicitly bring the purpose of this activity (an understanding of elements of Native American literature) to the forefront of their thinking, selecting the proper definition, writing it in their own words. They were working in pairs so that this lengthy thinking process could be done in collaboration. Unfortunately, I did not get to help everyone get to this point.

  Vocabulary Was Very Challenging
  Complex Tasks: Vocabulary Was Very Challenging
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Juxtaposing Mainstream Lit and Native American Lit

Unit 3: Native American Literature
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT gain an understanding of important elements of Native American literature by defining and discussing elements and comparing it to main stream literature.

Big Idea: Juxtaposing Mainstream and Native American Literature to gain deeper understanding of both.

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