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After grading my students' unit exams, I was very excited that so many of my students could identify the angle relationships formed once two lines are cut by a transversal.  Almost all of my students were able to name and identify these key angle relationships; they also showed a strong knowledge of applying this concept to real-world problems involving algebra. 

There were 2 questions which my students did not do so great on.  The first, which surprised me, was calculating the slope of a line given 2 points and a graph of that line.  Almost 30% of my students thought that a negative slope of 2/3 was the correct answer, when the answer was positive 2/3.  To address this, we spent 10 minutes doing a quick game of Simon Says.  In this version of Simon Says, you have to follow Simon by moving your arms into different slopes - positive, negative, undefined and no slope.  This really helped to review with my students this idea, and also provided a little break from the routine!

The other question which my students struggled with was writing the equation for a perpendicular bisector.  Almost all of my students identified the correct perpendicular slope but a lot of them did not plug in the midpoint into the equation.  This is something that we will address in a future Do Now, and perhaps, also explicitly review prior to the midterm. 

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Assessment for Line-Sanity

Unit 2: Line-sanity!
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will be assessed on Line-sanity units with a summative exam or problem set that covers alternate interior angles, vertical angles, perp lines and other key line relationships.

Big Idea: Challenge students with this unit test or problem set covering perp and parallel lines, perp bisectors and many more line related topics

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