Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Performance Task (2 days) - Section 1: DO NOW (day 1 and 2)


I began the discussion about the metaphorical duo by asking the students what they knew about methaphors.  They were able to respond that a methaphor is a comparison that does not use like or as.  They also said a methaphor is an exaggeration.  I also asked them what a duo was and they were able to tell me it meant two. 

I explained to students that they were going to be using a methaphor to decide if percentages were more similar to money or probabilites.  I also explained that there were no right or wrong answers.  The only criteria I put on them was that they were to give me 4-5 complete sentences.  

Before starting, one student said to me "why are we writing in math?".  I explained that writing is a life skill and it is not isolated to just one subject area!  


Examples of Metaphorical Duos


  Writing Across the Disciplines: Metaphorical Duo
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Performance Task (2 days)

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 25 of 25

Objective: SWBAT apply their understanding of ratios and rates.

Big Idea: This lesson is a performance task based on their learning of ratios. Students will be using their knowledge of ratios and unit rates to create their own pizza.

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