Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding The Story Of Multiplication Day 1 - Section 2: Creating Displays


This activity is excellent for all levels of learners.  When you look at the video in the section where students created displays, you will see that although the boy's word story is correct, the array right next to it is not.  This is a perfect time to swoop in and work on how the two are different, which I did.  I am sorry there is no video of the conversation, as I needed to leave the tech in order to do the teaching, but in the end the boys realized their array was "flipped" as they called it. Their other representations, including the skip count list, are correct. Yet, this one mis-step was a way in for me.

When doing activities that asks students to show their learning in more than one way, we, as teachers get a much better insight.  The students, as well, are asked to struggle a bit to make it all make sense to their way.

A beautiful thing, isn't it?

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The Story Of Multiplication Day 1

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to write word stories, model with math, and critique the work of others as related to multiplication facts.

Big Idea: Children construct understanding of multiplication as units, of units, by communicating their thinking sharing drawings, mental models, and stories to make sense of their work.

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Math, modeling, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , equal groups, group size, multiplication, representation, Critical Areas, array
  50 minutes
multiplication story
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