Reflection: Checks for Understanding Stretching Sentences - Section 3: Partner Work


When I analyze the students' ability to expand a sentence in the work sample, I see that they can add adjectives and "where" details.  But, when the learner had to add "the when" they seemed to forget the part of the sentence they had already created.  I think this may have been because the graphic organizer moved to a lower and left box.  I think if I do this lesson again I will keep the four boxes level and horizontal.  I think this might have helped the student keep their work more organized.  

The illustrations show me that the child is able to make the connection between the sentence meaning and the illustrations - except in the third picture the dog is outside and the leaner wrote that the dog was inside. I think I need to be more explicit in my instruction and clear about the illustrations when I give directions.

  Checks for Understanding: Analyzing Student Work
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Stretching Sentences

Unit 19: Language
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT expand sentences by adding details and by using correct punctuation and grammar.

Big Idea: This lesson will make expanding sentences as easy as stretching a silly band.

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stretching sentences
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