Reflection: Checks for Understanding Questioning Text - Section 4: Group Work


Be sure to have something ready for early finishers to do. At the beginning of the video (Partner Work) you can hear the student sitting beside the girls say, "I'm done."  I always forget to tell my students to read the text when they feel that they are finished.  I get frustrated when they say that too early and I am trying to help other groups finish the task.  I need to remember this at the beginning of the lesson and differentiate my instruction more or add activities for early finishers.  In addition, this is an area of speaking and listening where I need to prepare the students to listen to the other groups conversations or not interrupt me while I am helping the other students.

I used to have a poster that had pictures of things they could do when they are finished.  I need to make another one. When learners say that I can point to the picture of a student reading, editing their work, or adding to their work.

  Checks for Understanding: Student Work
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Questioning Text

Unit 1: Plot
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about a text.

Big Idea: Creating a product and illustrations make this lesson great for teaching about questioning.

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