Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Skip Counting with 5s, 10s and 100s - Section 1: Warm Up


Going into this lesson I felt that I would begin with problems with dimes and problems with nickels, but I did not expect to mix the two. I felt that students might not be ready for switching counts between tens and fives. 

As I watched the students respond to questions, I realized that students were all competent with counting by 5s and 10s using dimes and nickels. This informal assessment observation allowed me to then adjust the lesson as I taught it. 

I presented problems with dimes and nickels together and I could see that students had mastered this skill and were ready for a new challenge.

  Assessing During A Lesson
  Adjustments to Practice: Assessing During A Lesson
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Skip Counting with 5s, 10s and 100s

Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting the Basics
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Objective: SWBAT skip count by 5’s, 10’s and 100’s

Big Idea: In preparation for multiplication, the Common Core Standards require 2nd grade students fluently skip count by 5’s, 10’s and 100’s.

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