Reflection: Student Ownership Making a Ten - Section 2: Develop the Concept


When teaching this lesson I found that it was helpful to allow the students to explore how the strategy works best for them.  Once they have been given ample time to explore the ways they could move the counters, only then would I suggest the helpfulness of making the ten out of the frame that is already closest to a full ten frame.  It is always the hope that the students would recognize this on their own, however some students may not. 

The more critical, and immediate, understanding is that so long as you don't add or take-away any counters, when putting two ten frames together the resulting number sentence has the same sum as the initial. Some students may need to spend some exploring this understanding.  

  Making a Ten Reflection
  Student Ownership: Making a Ten Reflection
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Making a Ten

Unit 2: The Mission of Addition
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to find the sums of addition problems by first making a ten, then adding.

Big Idea: Making ten is one of the foundational strategies for developing flexible numerical thinking, accuracy, and efficiency.

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