Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Go Fishing for a Ten - Section 2: Practice the Concept


I taught the students how to play this game after we had already discussed the Friends of Ten strategy in the Making a Ten lesson from the previous day.  I found that this was very helpful to the students, as they were already prepared with the prior knowledge and simply needed to apply it. 

However, I did find that the students were so accustomed to playing “Go Fish” or “Go Fish for Doubles” that I had to spend a great deal of time reminding the students that they were not looking for a match to their card, but for a card that would help them make a ten.  When you teach this lesson, it is my suggestion that you have a few students model the game after you have already modeled it in order to solidify understanding.

  Go Fishing for a Ten Reflection
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Go Fishing for a Ten Reflection
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Go Fishing for a Ten

Unit 2: The Mission of Addition
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: The students will develop their math fact fluency for facts that are "Friends of Ten."

Big Idea: The big idea of this lesson is that students can use a familiar card game to help them build their math fact fluency for facts where the sum is 10.

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