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This lesson was designed to be relevant to my students lives. It was a success as can be seen when the student talked about her brother sliding cans to her in the kitchen because the cylinder has a flat bottom. The activity connects to their home lives and the students internalize the concepts taught and hopefully embed the new information into their long term memories thanks to the connections they make to their lives.

In retrospect, I wish I had connected her statement to 2D shapes because we refer to them as 2D flat planes and I could have emphasized at that point that the faces of the 3D shapes are made of 2D flat plane shapes. I am hoping the opportunity arises again in another lesson or I will take a moment to deliberately address the concept.

  Engagement is key!
  Relevance: Engagement is key!
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Can It! (Cylinders)

Unit 8: Know Those Shapes!
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe a cylinder by its attributes.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners love to identify shapes in their environment. In order to effectively do that, they must be able to recognize different shapes by their specific attributes. In this lesson kindergartners learn about the attributes of a cylinder.

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