Reflection: Real World Applications Understanding Time - Section 3: Independent Practice


The book was a great piece of literature to get my students thinking about time increments and I wanted proof of exactly what their understandings were for a second, minute and hour. The work examples show real world examples of their ideas and connections to time.

Note in the Student Work Examples Video when I refer to the student stating a minute is "snapping." When I checked in with this student, she explained that she meant snapping as in snapping repeatedly (over about a minute), not a single snap (over about a second). This tells me that this student had a strong understanding that a minute is longer than a second. It also goes to show that sometimes, especially with students at this age, it helps to verbally check in to get a more complete idea of their understanding than they can sometimes show you in writing.

  Real World Applications: How did it go?
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Understanding Time

Unit 12: Understanding Time
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Objective: SWBAT identify activities that correspond to approximate times: second, minute, and hour.

Big Idea: First graders have a difficult time explaining happenings in relation to time. This lesson will help them explore ideas that can be categorized as taking a second, minute, or an hour.

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