Reflection: Checks for Understanding Two-Digit by Two-Digit Multiplication - Section 5: Student Debrief


I love using footprints as an activity.  As a teacher, it allows me to really connect with my students and get a glimpse into what they know.  As a teacher, I am always striving to understanding my students learning progressions in order to best meet their needs, but I am also always striving to make connections with them and instill a love of learning.  For me, this footprints activity is an activity that any student can do, no matter his or her skill level. It allows each student to self reflect and self assess what he or she knows, and what he or she took away from the lesson. You can see in this resource section that I had a wide range of responses. Some students made the transition nicely and seem to understand the area model for double digit multiplication,while others realize their is a method for double digit multiplication which is "hard" in their words, while other students took away that you can use dice for magic tricks.    All of these responses are important to me, as a facilitator of their learning, and as someone who strives to push them to do their best and be their best.  I'm curious about the student who wrote about the dice.  Perhaps, this is a way I can make more connections with this student.  The students who quickly understood the area model could possibly help peers who are struggling in future  lessons.  All of the student responses affect me, and my teaching and designing of lessons.  

  Modeling Magic
  Checks for Understanding: Modeling Magic
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Two-Digit by Two-Digit Multiplication

Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Lesson 11 of 22

Objective: SWBAT represent two-digit by two-digit multiplication using area models.

Big Idea: Students will work towards mastery of multiplication by two-digit numbers.

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