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The story has little girls being afraid of monsters which my students can comprehend.  They can relate to being afraid and wanting to run and hide if they came face to face with a monster. The ending makes them laugh, compared to he monster, the bee is not really scary.After reading the story I prompt them to turn to their neighbors to tell them what happened at the beginning of the story.   What happened in the middle of the story.  And what happened at the end of the story. 

I have found that by using the Thinking Map template my students are able to narrow down the details and be successful at with their retell.  

Using different voices, being animated when reading and making gestures increases student attention and motive for paying attention to the story.  When the story is fun and interesting, the students have increased comprehension and can retell the story.  They even remember little details so you can hear their voice or interpretation when they retell the story.  Their finished template helps them to give a more accurate retell.  

I love to see what they draw and say for the retell.  I love the retells that are individualized and quirky. 

This is a fun story to use for story retell.  

  I know who is afraid
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: I know who is afraid
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Who Is The Most Afraid?

Unit 1: Are You Afraid?
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT retell the story by using the Beginning/Middle/End template.

Big Idea: Let's sequence the story using the three main story events.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Reading Comprehension
  35 minutes
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