Reflection: Exit Tickets Adding and Subtracting Integers on a Number Line - Section 6: Closure and Ticket to Go


I collected the tickets to go to see what students understood about adding and subtracting integers and what gaps in understanding they had.  I corrected the tickets to go and grouped them in the following way:

Novice:  These students struggled to connect the problem, model, and answer.  This particular student thinks that (-2)+(-2) is -4, but her model involves yellow and red, and does not end at -4.  For problem 2, she is able to create an accurate model, but says the answer is -9.  She is not using her markers to color the integers in the problem by their team color.  She has some instinctive answers, but needs more practice with creating model and using it to support her answer.

Approaching Mastery: These students were able to identify which team possessed the ball during each problem.  They were able to create accurate models for 1 to 2 of the problems.  A common problem was counting the yards on the number line.  Some of the mistakes involved counting too many or too few yards.  In class in the next lesson I will model counting yards on the number line by making hops.

Proficient:  These students were able to accurately identify which team had possession of the ball and they were able to accurately model the problems.  If there were any mistakes, they were small ones.  For instance, this particular student for problem one drew the first drive from 0 to -2 and then the second drive from -3 to -5.  He then realized his mistake, and adjusted this model leaving a gap.  These students understood for problem 3 that the yellow team possessed the ball for each play.  They were able to show that the yellow team lost 6 yards during the second play. 

For this situation, I did not include an “advanced” category because the content did not require students to explain or analyze their work.   Most students were able to identify which team possessed the ball and could accurately model 2 to 3 problems.  Students will learn how to use counters to represent adding and subtracting integers.  I want students to be able to use both strategies and see the connections between the methods.

  Exit Tickets: Ticket to Go Work
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Adding and Subtracting Integers on a Number Line

Unit 3: Integers and Rational Numbers
Lesson 5 of 17

Objective: SWBAT: • Add and subtract integers using a number line

Big Idea: What happens when you add positive 5 and negative 3? What happens when you subtract positive 2 from negative 3? Students work with a number line and football to model adding and subtracting integers.

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Math, Integers, Number Sense and Operations, number line, 6th grade, master teacher project, adding integers, subtracting integers
  60 minutes
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