Reflection: Advanced Students Learning About History and Paul Revere - Section 3: Independent Practice



This is a great way to integrate differentiation into the classroom. Due to the sophistication and complexity of text in the primary source (testimony) more advanced students will be selected to read and comprehend this information. The huge indication of facts will make this text harder to read. The poem is also a great example of how to embed examples of figurative language and imagery to the ordinary story of a man. No matter which version students’ read, each gets a glimpse about the heroic act of Paul Revere.   

  Advanced Students: ACTIVITY REFLECTION
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Learning About History and Paul Revere

Unit 6: Interdisciplinary Unit: Building ELA Skills Through Historical Documents
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how particular lines of incidents in a poem propel the action, aspects, and decisions of Paul Revere.

Big Idea: Tracking Revere's Ride through the Horse's Gallops

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