Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Talking About Triangles - Section 2: Finding Triangles


In class I talked about a  a misconception that a student stated with respect to rhombuses and triangles in the Sorting Triangles video. In this case the student identifies a rhombus and says, "Doesn't this kind of look like a triangle?" I like that the student stated his idea as a question. It helped me to appreciate that he was focusing on attributes of triangles, but he had not yet confirmed properties like "a triangle has three and only three vertices."

I think that when teaching first grade students, it is really important to let students identify the mistakes in their own reasoning. This enables students to clarify the meaning and make the right connections in their understanding of the primary concept and any related ideas. So, we engaged in a discussion where I let the student share his ideas and consider them with respect to the other ideas that were being shared. It worked well in this case.



  Connection to Prior Knowledge: "It kinda looks like a triangle..."
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Talking About Triangles

Unit 6: Shapes Within Shapes
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify characteristics of triangles.

Big Idea: Let's talk about shapes baby. Let's talk about vertices. Leeettsss talk about all the things that triangles need to be, Oh let's talk abbbooouuut shapes! It's not Salt N Peppa but you can get your groove on with today's triangle talk.

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Math, Geometry, Trianlges, attributes, 1st Grade
  65 minutes
sorting triangles
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